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Group Palhares Construções, presents a brief summary of all the steps that it carries out in the construction of a property, from the prospection, to the development and delivery.
The main objective is the fulfillment of the commitments, always reaching the excellence that our clients are accustomed to.
Every stages involves effort and dedication of a professional and specialized team in the area of Construction and Promotion.


  1. Field Research
  2. Request for Adavance Information from Municipal Chamber
  3. Execution of architecture project and its specialties
  4. Licence Request from several organizacions
  5. Cost Analysis and Budget
  6. Formulation of contract documents
  7. Start of work and emission of construction license
  8. Beginning of sales and respective prices and informations
  9. Execution of labor and other specialties
  10. Finishing Phases
  11. Request of inspection and horizontal property
  12. Scriptures